For the upcoming year we have decided to introduce a beginner package for Prague Shakuhachi Summer School. It includes lessons by invited shakuhachi players on tone production and playing simple tunes, a yoga lesson a day, entrance to the exhibition, lectures and concerts.

It is vital to start one’s playing under guidance of an experienced player or a master player, even. Those who do not start this way develop number of bad habits which are later hard to overcome. This is a lesson that many players in the West learned the hard way. Having someone to show you the way will speed up your learning and save you a lot of time.

For this course you will need a 1.8 shakuhachi (tuned to D) suitable for traditional study. If you are not sure about your instrument, please, contact us. Also, if you don’t have your own instrument yet, we can redirect you towards trusted shakuhachi vendors, or, we can lend you a shakuhachi Yuu which is a shakuhachi made from molded plastic and is of great value for the price (125 USD).

Beginner course is tailored for those who want to try the shakuhachi and those who have just begun their study. The course is as intensive as the regular course. The reason for the drastic price reduction is our will to enable people to begin their shakuhachi journey more easily.

Beginner fee is 60 Euro. The fee doesn’t include food and accommodation.