Prague Shakuhachi Summer School has developed over the past two years into an important European shakuhachi event that approaches the instrument from many different perspectives, from the theoretical to the practical, from the traditional to the contemporary. Each day the event features day-long master-classes, a yoga lesson, one academic lecture and one concert.

 Each year, we try to introduce the world of shakuhachi to artists from other fields. They collaborate with shakuhachi players on a cross-genre performance. This year we have decided to take it a step0 further. We will hold a four-day creative workshop preceding the actual Summer School for selected shakuhachi players and successful new media and visual artists. Outcomes of this workshop will be shown at a vernisage in Chemistry Gallery, Prague, and then moved to the main Summer School’s venue, the New Town town-hall, where they will be part of an independent exhibition. Creative supervisor for shakuhachi will be Jim Franklin, a professional shakuhachi player as well a composer of contemporary music often involving electronics.

 Event’s backbone is, of course, the set of master-classes given by top players and performers. Last year, we hosted one of the world’s best players, Kifu Mitsuhashi, whose openness, skill and sound were very inspiring to everyone who took part. This year we will host shakuhachi players, Christopher Blasdel, Jim Franklin and Vlastislav Matoušek, who will each teach one single composition throughout the entire event in their class for advanced and intemediate students. Through the years we have discovered that this is probably the best way because it allows teachers to go into more detail with each composition. Students approve of this approach just as well.

All begginers are most welcome. Their lessons will focus on sound production and simple compositions. In past years we have received many questions, whether will they benefit from taking part. Supervision and guidenance of master players is a great gift to all. Starting the shakuhachi journey with the right set of instructions from the very beggining will help you to avoid many bad habits, thus your shakuhachi learning will be faster and less painful.

Moreover, we will schedule individual consultations according to anyone’s needs and wishes. If you let us know in advance what would like to focus on, all the better.

Along with master of the Kinko School, Christopher Yohmei Blasdel, two widely respected shamisen players, Koji Kikuhara and his student and co-performer, Kikuo Yuji, will arrive from Japan. They will perform on concerts and play at sankyoku classes. Our next guest will be an opera singer, Nao Higano.

Prague Shakuhachi Summer School is a very intesive event for teachers and students alike. All start early in the morning and finish late at night. Such exposition to the music, esthetique and wonderful people causes quite unbelievable improvement in one’s playing whatever your level is. Come to Prague and enjoy its ancient atmosphere and meet more shakuhachi friends.