Over the years, Prague Shakuhachi Summer School gained prestige and recognition. Brilliant performers, teachers and lecturers such as, for example, Kifu Mitsuhashi, Christopher Blasdel, Kumiko Shuto and Jim Franklin tried to unveil some of the mysteries of Japanese music to the Czech audience. Thanks to them and thanks to your support we have managed to organise this truly unique event on Czech art-scene for three years. The year 2009, however, was the last.

Since the very beginning, we weren't able to maintain the narrow concept of a summer school featuring  workshops and concerts. Stubbornly, we have pushed ourselves to organise various cross-genre or even inter-media projects: shakuhachi and poetry, shakuhachi and dance, shakuhachi and new media, etc... Over time the event spread its tentacles to multiple realms ranging from visual art to contemporary and electronic music. Moreover, for the year 2010 we even plan to include an open-air cinema and an academic conference. That is why the name Prague Shakuhachi Summer School is no longer usable. In 2010, the name of the event will change to European Shakuhachi Festival since we co-organise the event with the European Shakuhachi Society and in the following years it will bear the name Prague Shakuhachi Festival in order to capture the breadth of the entire event.
Throughout the event shakuhachi appears is many different contexts, from the most traditional to club music and artistic installations. Or, presented works of art work with concepts and approaches of the traditional spiritual music for the shakuhachi. These concepts, never the less, are not distant to the contemporary art and music, quite the opposite. They entail, for example, work with silence (the absence of stimulus), with noise (visual or aural "flaws") or with nature for instance.

European Shakuhachi Festival will take place by the end of August, 26.-30.08 2010. You can look forward to meeting many guests from all over Europe and from Japan of course. There will be a number of concerts, free film screenings, exhibition, workshops and lectures. Keep checking our website interviews with festival's guests and further information regarding the festival and the Czech and European shakuhachi.