New Town town-hall, venue of the Summer School

We know that shakuhachi players have varied social background and accommodation needs. That is why we have chosen to make a selection of available types of accommodation in the vicinity of the festival's venue, the New Town town hall. The list of hotels and hostels includes contacts, references and distance from the venue. Note that this is a mere selection not the entire list of suitable places to stay.


Hostel Le Papillon

Jungmannova 5
Praha 1

Located about 100 meters from the location, this hostel offers three different types of accommodation. Highlight of their offer is possibility to rent a room with two beds for a very low price (1200 CZK per night) compared to regular hotels - good for those who are on a low budget and demand privacy. You should not expect any extra comfort and design. Breakfast are not included, but can be ordered. Internet is provided through a computer in the lobby computer.

Hostel Kaktus

Karlovo náměstí 16
Praha 1

Located in a building just across the main street from the venue. Inspite of its inviting name, this hostel offers mainly family-style lodgings for 1-5 people, equipped with kitchenettes, toilets and showers or baths (790-990 CZK per night). The price includes free internet and breakfast. Suites for 2, 3, 4, 5 and six people are also available (1090-1290 CZK per night). Seems like a more comfortable hostel for slightly higher prices, however, with not much design.


Golden Sickle

Vodičkova 10
Praha 1

"Just across the street" from the town-hall, this hostel offers very cheap dorm style accommodation. However, there are no completely vacant rooms in the term of the Prague Shakuhachi Summer School 09 at the moment; they can accommodate you just in large dorm rooms with somebody else. They can still offer one 3 bed suite for 1600 CZK per night. The price includes free internet in the lobby, but does not include breakfast. Suites for 3, 4 and seven people are also available. It still looks like a nice place to stay for the price. - I am not sure how often this page gets updated, best is to inquire and reserve via email
phone: +420 777 222 230


Hotel Colloseum - Černý koníček ***

Myslíkova 26/282
Praha 2

A pleasant place in a historical building located about 120 meters from the town-hall. Double bed rooms only, for 50 Euro per person per night. (70 on Friday and Saturday), extra bed can be added for 20 Euro per night. Breakfast included. Wi-Fi internet connection is available both in the lobby and in the rooms.

Phone No.: +420 222 540 154
Fax: +420 222 524 887

Pension Alabastr ***

Školská 20
Praha 1

About 350 meters from the Summer School's location this hotel offers nice 1-4 bed rooms for a fair price (1440 - 2880 CZK per night), breakfast included. But do not expect much of a design. Wi-Fi internet connection in all of the hotel interior. Those who were accommodated here last year were happy about the experience.
Tel/Fax: +420 296 325 015

SuiteHome Residence ****

Příčná 2/658
Praha 1

A high profile hotel located about 200 meters from the town-hall. Provides not only suites of different sizes but also various kinds of assistance you may need in organizing your holiday. Although it is located on a main road it was very calm and quite inside. Prices here start at 100 euro per night, there is also a possibility of some price reduction for the participants of Summer School - please tell us beforehand.
Tel.: +420 222 230 833
Fax.: +420 222 230 834



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