I’m glad to report that Prague Summer School hosted students not only students from Czech republic, but from other European countries such as Ireland, England and the Netherlands. They were not numerous, but I guess sometimes it’s good when the quality prevails. The social life, I think, was one of the great highlights of the summer school. Teachers and students would all hang out together, as long as, they could all meet in morning yoga class at 6:30AM(or perhaps a little longer). I was thrilled to see people of different nationalities becoming friends. Hearing from our participants again, when the event was over, made me very glad.


These are excerpts from their reflections of the summer school:

“I would like to say thank you very much for a wonderful Shakuhachi Summer School in Prague. I felt very welcomed and I am so impressed with the people and the city. I will definitely return.” Adrian Bain

“...,many thanks again for your excellent hospitality and a brilliant week.“ Philip Horan

„...ještě jednou bych ti chtěl poděkovat - letní škola byla podle mě naprosto perfektní!“ Vít Jindrle

Furthermore, I am pleased that our event increased the ranks of Czech shakuhachi players. Two absolute beginners blew their first “ro” with the detailed instruction of Christopher Blasdel and Kees Kort. The next beginner joined after attending one of the concerts. They all did excellent progress and two of them even bought cheap-but-good flutes brought by Christopher Blasdel from Japan. Christopher promised to bring some more next year.

Socializing and reign of new friendships plays a very important role in establishing a well-working international community. A community that can raise very good players, teachers and, above all, people. We hope in such community of shakuhachi players. To create the environment for these new relationships was one of the aims of the Prague Shakuhachi Summer School. From the banquette in a Japanese restaurant on the day 0, through common lunches, to last night’s celebration, we did everything to make our participants feel comfortable; and they did.

Marek Matvija