The programme of the summer school is not finished yet, but the conception is. Each shakuhachi teacher will teach one honkyoku piece. Chris Blasdel as the most advanced player will teach a piece for upper intermediate and advanced students(however no one will be restricted from attending the class, of course), Vlastislav Matousek will teach a very rare composition(or its very rare version - it is his specialisation), with Kees Kort we have not discussed the matter yet...

These lessons will be followed with time to practice and for individual consultations with the teachers. The aim is such that when you will leave the summer school you will have these pieces fairly accomplished. Moreover, the programme will include lectures on various shakuhachi related themes.

I hope your stay in Prague will prove to be worthwhile even if the lessons does not excite you(rather unlikely to happen) because there will be many chances for individual consultations with the teachers. Each day there will be a timetable which will show when the particular teacher is not occupied and to that timetable you will write your name and topic you want to discuss, or you may join to a consultation someone else is having. We are still devising the timetable and best way how deal with the consultations. This is as much as I can tell you right now.

The exercises and meditations will be held in the morning from eight o’clock and will last about hour and a half and will be followed by short zazen meditation.

We will most probably accommodate the teachers in Zizkov area, also called Praha 3. It is where Vlastislav lives a where probably the summer school will be held. So we encourage you to find your own place to stay near this area. Nevertheless, if you don’t feel like looking for accommodation yourself, just let us know your requirements and the price you are willing to pay and we will see what we can do here in Prague(if you would be looking for cheap accommodation then we might get you a place in a student dormitory...).

There will be about hour and a half for lunch and about 2 to 3 hours for dinner. After lunch there are going to be lectures, so you may digest your food properly and after dinner we will move to a concert venue. I hope that we will often eat together.

If there is anything else on your mind, please, do ask me on local forum, I will gladly explain everything.

Marek Matvija