Ralph Samuelson

One of the most wonderful American shakuhachi players is going to give a masterclass in Prague, Czech Republic.
Ralph Samuelson has studied for over 30 years with National Living Treasure Yamaguchi Goro and other prominent shakuhachi teachers in Japan and is one of the first of a small group of non-Japanese to be recognized as professional players in Japan. He is active as a performer, teacher, and recording artist in the US, Japan, and elsewhere around the world.

The masterclass will start on the evening March 5th with a concert at Archa Theatre by Ralph Samuelson and Richard Teitelbaum (electronics) consisting of traditional and contemporary music.

On March 6th the masterclass will continue with Ralph explaining his personal approach to the instrument and group lessons on Shin Kyorei (Kinko-ryu honkyoku) and Universal Flute, a famous composition by Henry Cowell. Furthermore, Vlastislav Matoušek will teach his composition Modus Variabilis (aleatorical composition combined with improvised elements for shakuhachi ensemble). The evening will be dedicated to an open mic concert and improvisation which will be joined by Jan Dvořák, Czech sitar player, and other musicians.

The next day the workshop will continue with an overview of the pieces which were taught. This is going to be done individually on 1-on-1 basis.


5-7 March 2012
Shakuhachi masterclass by Ralph Samuelson and Vlastislav Matoušek

March 5th - Concert at Archa Theatre, Ralph Samuelson & Richard Teitelbaum - shakuhachi in contemporary and traditional setting

March 6th - R.S. talks about his approach to shakuhachi, group lessons on Shin Kyorei (Kinko-ryu honkyoku, intermediate/advanced), Universal Flute (comp. Henry Cowell, beginner/intermediate), Modus Variabilis (comp. Vlastislav Matoušek, beginner/intermediate/advanced)
Open mic concert and improvisation

March 7th - individual overview of pieces taught by Ralph Samuelson with each masterclass participant; group lesson on Modus Variabilis with Vlastislav Matoušek

Participants will be send recordings and notation so they can prepare in advance.

Price (including concert ticket): 1300 CZK / 55 EUR

If you have any inquiries or would like to confirm your attendance please send an email to mmardias_at_hotmail.com


Ralph Samuelson & Richard Teiltelbaum concert on March 5th at Archa Theatre www.archatheatre.cz
Teaching and open-mic concert will be held at Zen Dojo Praha, Korunní 60, Prague (it is possible to join their morning zazen sessions at 6:15 AM)