Opening Night

Japanese instruments and electronics


Jean-Francois Lagrost will perform a unique piece for shakuhachi and processed voice with multi-channel sound. Jim Franklin will perform his own piece for shakuhachi and live electronics. Kiku Day will play contemporary music for the jinashi shakuhachi. Zenpo Shimura will introduce his project Cyber Shakuhachi (DVD screening) and Data-Live will be joined by Christopher Yohmei on the shakuhachi to demonstrate the instrument’s ability to produce live electronic ambient music. The final rave will be by DJ Nemesys.

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PSF 2012 photos

Photos from the Prague Shakuhachi Festival 2012 can be found in the gallery.

22. 10. 2012

International bonsai exhibition

Vlastislav Matoušek will perform on shakuhachi flute in Prague's botanic garden on 12th of May. More info here.

08. 05. 2012

Cave Beat

International music festival in caves. Vlastislav Matoušek will perform in Chynovska cave on 21. 4. 2012. More info on his site.

26. 03. 2012

PSF 2011 photos

New PSF 2011 photos in the gallery.

19. 01. 2012

Festival poster made public

You can view and download the poster in high resolution here.

15. 08. 2011
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