Gunnar began to study the shakuhachi when he first came to Japan in 1985. In 1986 he was introduced to the Master Yamaguchi Gorō (National Treasure, 1933-99), and continued to study with him until his death. Gunnar continued to be an active member of the Yamaguchi Gorō Chikumeisha guild of Kinko-ryū.


Gunnar studied at the traditional music conservatory of the Traditional Music Conservatory of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Tokyo Geidai) 1993-1997, finishing with a M.A. in shakuhachi as performing art.  In 1998 he received his master license, shihan together with his professional name Jinmei. He became a trustee of the Chikumeisha in 2000, heading the Tachikawa Branch in Tokyo.

After 20 years in Japan, active as professional shakuhachi performer and teacher, Gunnar returned to Sweden in 2005, heading the European Branch of Kinko-ryū Chikumeisha. He is also working at Stockholm University, Japanese Dept., and as shakuhachi lecturer at the Royal Music Academy. He is active performing and teaching, both privately and workshops. He has been involved in most of the international gatherings of shakuhachi since Boulder in 1998, in the planning and execution of some, as a performer, lecturer, or coordinator and translator (Boulder 1998, Bisei 2004, London 2006, France 2007, Sydney 2008, Leiden 2009).


Gunnar has produced a number of CD’s, an instruction video (in collaboration with Bruce Huebner), and is presently publishing an advanced learner of Kinko-ryū honkyoku (text and CD).

Head of Chikujinkai  [竹儘会主宰]

Head of Chikumeisha European Branch [竹盟社欧州支部長]

Member of Kinko-ryū Kyōkai [琴古流協会会員]

Member of Nihon Sankyoku Kyōkai [日本三曲協会会員]

Member of Komusō Kenkyūkai [虚無僧研究会会員]

Advisory member of the ESS.