Doc. Vlastislav Matoušek PhD. studied composition and post-gradual courses in Musical Theory at the Academy of Performing Arts, the Faculty of Music in Prague where he has been teaching ethnomusicology since 1991. There he received his Ph.D. degree in theory of composition. Six months as a fellow of Japan Foundation he studied shakuhachi playing at Master Kifu Mitsuhashi and Japanese Traditional Music at Prof. Osamu Yamaguti in Japan (1996).

As a soloist concert performer he mainly plays honkyoku – traditional pieces for Japanese bamboo flute, shakuhachi. He is an art-director and a conductor of his contemporary music Ensemble 108 Hz which presents experimental music and his own compositions for voices and other even exotic and folk instruments from his personal extensive collection, often in combination with electronics.

Download the score of Vlastislav's piece, Ordo Ordinis