Dr Jim Franklin is a master performer of the shakuhachi. He initially studied composition and musicology in Australia, Germany and Holland. During his studies he encountered the shakuhachi, and was fascinated by it. After learning the instrument in Australia with Dr Riley Lee and in Japan with Furuya Teruo and Yokoyama Katsuya, he received the title Shihan (“master”) in 1996 from Yokoyama-sensei, and was thus officially licensed to teach and perform shakuhachi. As a composer, Franklin is active in the areas of contemporary and electroacoustic music. He composes for shakuhachi solo and in combination with other instruments, and frequently performs projects with shakuhachi and live electronics, often in combination with dance and video art. The interface between shakuhachi and electronics, and shakuhachi and visual media, is a key area of interest. In the area of solo shakuhachi, Franklin has specialized in the honkyoku of the school of Yokoyama Katsuya (Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshukan) and in modern music. Since 2004 Franklin has lived in Germany. From 2006 to 2009 he was Chairperson of the European Shakuhachi Society.

Jim Franklni

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Jim Franklin - selected CDs
2008: Nine-Elemental Songs (Wirripang) (with Michael Atherton and Tony Wheeler)
2006: Zen-Geschichten (Benediktushof) (with Willigis Jaeger)
2005: The Ongaku Masters: an Anthology of Japanese Music (Celestial Harmonies) (curated by Jim Franklin)
2003: Aurora (Celestial Harmonies) (with Michael Atherton)
2002: Abundance (Celestial Harmonies) (with Michael Atherton)
2001: Die Stille Hören (MuOn Records)
1999: Moon Road to Dawn (Celestial Harmonies) (with Tony WHeeler)
1998: Butsuga (Celestial Harmonies)
1997: Water Spirits (Celestial Harmonies) (with Satsuki Odamura)
1992: Fountain of Light (New World Prod.) (with Riley Lee)