Shinzan Yamamoto was born in 1963 in Tokyo. He was only seven when he started learning the shakuhachi with his father Hozan Yamamoto - a famous shakuhachi player honored by the Japanese government with the title "Living National Treasure".

After years of rigorous training with his father and various other traditional musicians, Shinzan founded his own performance group called TAKE. That was in the year 1986. Shinzan Yamamoto and his group specialise  in contemporary music and even Yamamoto's own compositions. His significance in the music world was confirmed with the invitation to Finland from the International Society of Music Educators in 1990. The same year he was asked to concert in Canada by the Japan Foundation. In the year 1995, he continued his performances overseas and went to Brasil while in Japan he held his first recital. In 2000, he had the honor to perform with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and in 2004 he held a recital in Kagoshima which presented only his own compositions. His travels took him to Singapore in 2007 where he performed with the Singapore Orchestra.

Shinzan continues the pioneering efforts of his father while infusing his music with a contemporary sensibility.