Academy of Music Prague - Lichtenštejnský palác, malostranské náměstí 13, Praha 1

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Prague Shakuhachi Festival 2011 will be held in the building of Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague or HAMU for short. This building is located at the very heart of Prague's old city centre. It stands right against one of the Prague's most renown historical treasures, the St. Nicolas Church (Kostel sv. Mikuláše).


After the Velvet Revolution in 1989 the Lichtenstein and Hartig Palaces underwent a thorough reconstruction which maintained its historical spirit and, at same time, created a place suitable for teaching music on large scale and at the highest level.

The complex of HAMU features several concert venues, both traditional and alternative. The festival opening on August 26 will take place at salla terena in the large courtyard. This courtyard will serve as an exhibition space and as an open-air cinema in the following days.

The evening concerts will take place in the so called Gallery which has excellent acoustic properties and can take up 150 people. Furthermore, there are beautiful alternative venues which include the medieval tower and secluded garden.Saint Nicolas Church

Each classroom is equipped with a concert piano, one of the rooms even features the famous Alois Hába's quarter-tone piano. This is an important aid to teacher's explanation as many of the intervals can be easily demonstrated. Double doors ensure that sound from one classroom doesn't carry to the next. We will also make use of a lecture hall will be free to use projector and speakers to explain their points and show their findings.


We are very glad that we have managed to secure such a wonderful and suitable venue for the festival. The people from HAMU proved to be very co-operative and HAMU has become one of the festival partners. We could not have wished for a better location.




Saint Nicolas Church